About us

Nature’s Way Homes CIC is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing affordable homes, naturally.

We aim to build high quality homes situated within natural environments that support the physical and mental health of tenants and owners alike, and that can be rented in perpetuity or made available for purchase


Solid Design and Construction

Quality modular homes built using sustainable construction materials, including responsibly sourced timber and recycled materials


Sustainable Living

Superior insulation and triple-glazing for maximum comfort, sound-proofing and efficiency. We also plan to install air source heat pumps or eco boilers


Rethinking Affordable Housing

We are committed to provide long term affordable rents, while also providing landowners with a solid return on investment

Hertfordshire has become an extremely expensive place to live in recent years, particularly if you’re a single person or a young family on a low income. Many people currently have no option but to move away from the area where they work or were brought up and it’s our aim to create peaceful, desirable and affordable homes for those on lower incomes, to give them stability and enable them to remain in the area.

We’re actively looking for land!

To help us achieve our goals, we are looking for land in and around Harpenden and we are actively inviting local community-orientated landowners and other potential partners to come forward to help us create more affordable local housing. In return, once planning permission is secured and the development goes ahead, you would receive rent for your land in perpetuity.

Please get in touch whether you own a large commercial or industrial plot that could potentially be granted change of use to residential, small pocket of land that could potentially be redeveloped, or even a field on the edge of Harpenden or a nearby village in the green belt that could possibly become part of the town or village.


Registered office address:
Rivers Lodge, West Common,
Harpenden AL5 2JD


We are open on Monday – Friday – 10am to 5pm, except on holidays.

Contact us: